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Nature’s in trouble

Trees, hedgerows, rivers, seas, bogs and habitat both in rural and urban settings are being destroyed on a daily basis. We’re tired of standing by helplessly watching this happen? Enough is enough. We’ve put a team of people together to advocate without fear on behalf of nature. We need you to sign up below to give us a mandate to fight for nature on your behalf. Simply register your support by providing your email address and name below. Thats it. You’ve started the push back in defence of nature. Thank you. We’ll keep you posted.

So what is bigNature?

bigNature is a non partisan voice for nature. A team of volunteers who have come together to lobby on behalf of nature. To fight to stop the ongoing destruction. To tell the real story of what is happening. A fresh new clear voice representing ordinary people who want to protect nature.

Meet the bigNature team

Clare Muireann Murphy
Storyteller and Story Teacher

Irish born. Living abroad. I joined bigNature because we still put profits above people, money above survival, and personal gain above preserving and living with Nature.

Politicians and Companies will always put their own interests first. We need a voice that works from common sense not gain, a voice that speaks for Nature and the People of Ireland. A voice motivated by protection not destruction. We already have the answers. It’s time to act.

Bob Kelly

I’m a filmmaker. Mostly TV documentaries (No Place Like Home, The Ethical Hedonist, Camino na Saile). I love storytelling and photography. I particularly love being immersed in nature – hiking, swimming etc. I have no qualifications, no letters after my name. Since becoming a father I haven’t been able to get over the guilt I feel for the way we will leave the planet to our child. Our destruction of the ecosystem and waste of finite resources is unacceptable. I do what I can personally but it’s not enough. I’m not great with committees, form filling and politics. I found the bee sanctuary and began to think there are things we could do. But we need to act now, together, because it’s nearly too late.

Nadia Ramoutar Ph D

Growing up as a bi-racial child in South Dublin I soon found that Nature was my constant companion in the chaos of the human world. My journey took me on many journeys to better understand human nature and why we do what we do. Human ignorance and greed has left much of the planet devastated. I am delighted to be part of bigNature so that I can use my skills as a writer, researcher, artist, filmmaker and thought leader to inspire humans to be better stewards of the earth and co-habitators with other living species. As a mother of an autistic son I see the critical moment we are in to live differently and seek harmony in rewilding our ways. I believe in the power of people coming together to create and collaborate and am honoured to be part of this brave tribe.

Paul Handrick

Reluctant activist. Dad. Husband. Founder of the only native wild bee sanctuary on the planet. Sometimes called @the_beeguy.

Tired of the pretence. The talk. The lack of action and ambition. Tired of watching the ecocide all around. Don’t do ‘old boy’s clubs’.

Let’s do something about it. Now. Think big. Go down kicking.

Be the change. Lead.

Susanna D’Ascenzi

I often sound like an optimist because I think it’s possible to live in a world where people finally are happy with themselves and feel safe because they have what all humans need – you might have guessed – a healthy planet. I’ve been told I’m brave because I say what I think and I know most of the time it’s uncomfortable to hear…but I am in fact just a worried mother who connected a few dots and doesn’t see any alternative to keep rebelling against a system that has worked very efficiently to bring us to where we are today. We humans have misinterpreted our own genius, lost track and didn’t mind the destruction…so simply, we should stop for our own good because, ironically, Nature will survive us..

Tony Whelan

Hello, I’m Tony Whelan. I am a filmmaker based in West Clare. I collaborate with a community of supporters through Patreon to make the films we all want made. Films about the sea and the land and how we can all contribute to making these environments better places for every living thing. I am part of bigNature because the fight for nature is not one you can be passive on. To nourish change we must educate and in that we all have a roll.


Clare-Louise Donelan

Hi Clare-Louise Donelan here. The other half of The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland. Mother of four and veterinary nurse in a previous life. Photographer, organic grower, lover of all things wild. A farmer’s daughter who was brought up to love and respect nature. The quiet kid who sat in the corner with a bird book. Still prefer to be the one in the background observing but realise have to start speaking out. Terrified for my kids’ future. Angry and sad watching the destruction of nature and the planet

Carsten Krieger

I am a photographer, author, naturalist…I am frustrated, scared, angry…This is why I am telling stories about dandelions, birds, hedgerows, rocks…This is why I am making books…The Wildflowers of Ireland, Heritage Trees of Ireland, This is the Burren,,,

We are at the crossroads. We are running out of time and we need (to) change now. There is only one Nature and we are part of it. This is why I am part of bigNature.

So why bigNature?

We’ve come to realise that we can protect nature and watch it thrive here on the sanctuary but immediately outside our boundaries nature is taking a kicking from all sides. Trees being felled, hedgerows assaulted, fires burning, poisons being sprayed and habitats being decimated all within view.

We watch aghast. We try to reason. We report it. But nothing happens.
Nothing changes.

Attending environmental gatherings, watching reports on social media and talking with people it has become apparent to us that there are a huge amount of people that are equally as dismayed, frustrated and angry at the destruction of nature all around them. People who care. People who realise the vital value and role of nature especially now as we stare into the abyss of climate crisis.

The pause due to the pandemic has allowed some the opportunity to reconnect with nature but for others it has merely served to allow them even more time and opportunity to destroy nature.

So what to do? Do we just watch quietly as nature retreats and extinction beckons? Do we watch from the shadows as individuals and entities empowered by a disinterested and disconnected leadership continue their assault on nature?

Aren’t you tired of standing feeling helpless in your garden, on your street, in your field, on a beach, by a riverbank, in a forest or at a park watching as somebody…

Cuts down a tree
Shreds a hedgerow
Destroys a vibrant habitat
Sprays poison
Pollutes water
Lights a fire
Pollutes the air you breath
Burns a hillside
Mows a wildflower meadow
Destroys a bogland

…they knowing full well that they’ll get away with it and you knowing full well that there’s really no-one to turn to.
We could just roll over and accept this. It’s the short sighted easy option.
But it is the easy option. Leave it alone. It’s too much hassle. Somebody else has probably got it.
But what if somebody else hasn’t ‘got it’?

Maybe at this stage we need to presume that nobody else has ‘got it’ and get after it ourselves.
Maybe we need to organise.
There is power and possibility in numbers.
Time for bigNature.


bigNature will be a voice for nature. A voice for those disenfranchised and disappointed by what is going on. As simple as that.
A non political populist movement for positive change. Non elitist. Accessible to everyone. Ordinary people coming together to stand up for nature.
This isn’t a petition. It’s a movement. A lobby group for nature.
We have gathered together a team of energetic people to articulate at all levels what you feel about the destruction of nature. People with a passion and a spark who aren’t afraid to stand up and be counted. To demand a seat at the table where the deals are done and nature is ignored and shafted.
For history shows us that when big business and agriculture cosy up to politicians and legislators nature gets left out in the cold. We want to cosy up too. We want in on the decisions that affect nature because when nature gets affected so do we. As nature disappears so too does our future.


Show us support and give us a mandate and we’ll turn it into real results for nature.
When we set up The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland that too was a naive wishful crazy idea but we’re still here and going from strength to strength.
We love a challenge almost as much as we love nature.
We’re not experts – but equally we’re not owned and not scared to go there.
We’re not going to create steering committees and sub committees and committees on committees but rather we’re going to assemble an orchestra of people all with individual talents capable of playing solo but comfortable and much more powerful playing the same song together.
An aria for nature.
We’re about stopping the onslaught on nature. At a local and national level. Saying enough is enough.

bigNature is not funded and will not be focused on funding. We are all volunteers. So things might be a bit rough around the edges sometimes.

But we’re real. We’re your voice.

We’ll make mistakes. We’ll acknowledge. We’ll learn. But everything we do will be done with the utmost integrity and earnestness.

If you would like to get involved beyond signing up as a supporter please do get in touch.
Thanks for taking the time.
Hope you get it.
The bigNature Team.

What we need to do first
100,000 signatures. For nature. For starters.
You can make this happen.
Business will tell you time is money. We say time is nature. And time is running out.

Register your name and email address and do your bit to fight for nature.
It couldn’t be easier.
We need as many people as possible on board with us to have impact.
So please, for nature, sign up and share.


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Let’s do something BIG for nature.